Selin Jessa, PhD

Post-doctoral scientist, Stanford University


Hi, I’m Selin, a computational biologist and a post-doc based jointly in Anshul Kundaje’s lab and Will Greenleaf’s lab in the Department of Genetics at Stanford University. I use integrative computational analyses of omics data types to answer biological questions about cell identity, cell fate, and gene regulation in brain development and disease. I did my PhD in Dr. Claudia Kleinman’s lab at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, where I focused on data-driven approaches to identify cell-of-origin in pediatric brain tumors. I care about bioinformatics and computational biology research that emphasizes reproducbility, transparency, and re-usability. :dna:


Aug 30, 2023 After 10 years in Montreal and 7 amazing years in the Kleinman lab, this week I move to California to start a post-doc in the Kundaje & Greenleaf labs at Stanford - excited for a new chapter!
Feb 14, 2023 Thrilled to have successfully defended my PhD!!
Feb 2, 2023 In November, my supervisor, Dr. Claudia Kleinman, presented at the Canadian Epigenetics, Environment and Health Research Consortium (CEEHRC) seminar series. I gave a 5-min trainee talk on our recent work on cell-of-origin in pediatric gliomas, and our talk is now online here
Dec 5, 2022 Our paper on cell-of-origin in H3K27M pedatric gliomas is out this week in Nature Genetics ! Check out the press release here
Jun 30, 2022 This month, I was at the workshop on Deep learning for genetics, genomics, and meta-genomics at the Banff International Research Station; my talk on my PhD work is online here

selected publications

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